Moveo Studios was formed to create the most compelling visual content known to man. Moveo is built on the work and talents of it's associated artists. This means we put a lot of passion into producing artistically meaningful work, no matter what project we tackle. 

Meet The Team

Brandon Metcalf

Co-founder, Cinematographer, Editor, Director.

Brandon is an experienced filmmaker, knowledgeable in cinematography, writing, editing, visual effects, and animating.  He has won multiple awards for his films and has continued to push the envelope of what is possible for he and his colleagues. He has practiced film all his life and works hard to achieve his goal of eventually becoming a feature film director. 

Jake Hilger

Co-Founder, Producer, Cinematographer, Director

Jake Hilger is a cinematographer and director with a natural and emotive style. Jake fell in love with making films as a child when making backyard movies with friends. Since then, he has seen his films played at the Newport Beach Film Fest and received multiple cinematography awards. His favorite things are surfing, the beach, travelling, and coffee. 

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